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Questions About Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide

Is this another one of those enema and colonic promoting products?

No, not at all. This is a health promoting product. In Volume 1 you will learn my opinion of enemas and colonics. They can have their place in some cases but I recommend against their repeated or excessive use.


What if I have questions after reading your book?

That's a good sign, it means you are thinking about and applying what you learn. Customers are welcome to contact me with their questions and I make that easy to do with a 'Contact' form.


I've already tried colon cleansing and it didn't help. Why would your book be different?

Well my book is (actually, our books are) certainly quite different. You will find comprehensive details that you can easily put into practice to start taking control of your wellbeing.

Your other approaches probably just focussed on the colon or on simple symptom management, like relieving constipation. It may even have been product (or kit) centered. Our approach is far wider and deeper.


What do you mean by recipes? Do I have to buy foods that you sell?

We mean recipes like you find in cookery books - just the ordinary meaning of the word. No, you don't need to buy any foods or any other products from us. We are not selling foods, just empowering you with knowledge so you will know how to eat for health.


Is your approach suitable for someone with celiac disease?

Absolutely! There are no gluten containing products recommended by us, ever. Ours is a gluten-free diet, as you'll see in the books.


I'm thrilled with my results, thank you! How can I send you my testimonial?

Wonderful, another happy and healthy customer! We get a real thrill knowing that every happy customer is another person improving their health.

We would love to hear from you. Please send your testimonial via the contact form on our site or via the Helpdesk at

Please consider granting permission to publish your details. If you can include a small photo too, that would be very welcome. Thank you.


I just want to lose weight, can your approach help me with that? Nothing seems to work for me.

Yes indeed. Our program will certainly help you normalize your weight. Overweight conditions are invariably associated with some degree of cellular toxicity.

The aim however, is never simply to lose weight, but to become healthy. By following our program to improve your health, your weight problem will take care of itself.


Did you really write this book or is it ghostwritten like so many other e-books sold online?

We had a real chuckle over this question, thanks. Yes, we did genuinely write these books ourselves.



Questions About Ordering

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can use major credit cards. They are all processed safely and securely by leading transaction processors.

Remember that if processed by your credit card statement will NOT mention or Tribar Press. It will list the retailer as "CLKBANK*COM".

Using ClickBank, customers can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB.

Using PayPal, customers can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Can I pay by online check?

At this time, payment is accepted by online check for purchases processed by ClickBank or by PayPal. Please keep in mind that ClickBank only accepts online check orders for US customers.


Can I pay with PayPal or PayMate?

You can certainly pay with PayPal. This means you can use your PayPal balance, attached bank account, major debit and credit cards or online check. We do not accept PayMate at this time.


How can I be sure it's safe to purchase online?

Billions of dollars worth of transactions are processed online globally each year and every year the amount increases substantially. As with off-line transaction processing some risks do exist.

To reduce the risks for our customers we only process sales through well established giants in the online payments field, namely ClickBank and PayPal. You may be certain that their expertise in security measures will make your payment quite safe.


Can I pay by mailing you a paper check (or cheque)?

Unfortunately, no. We simply don't have the staffing resources to manage such payments. If you cannot or choose not to use a credit card for any reason, consider a PayPal account. You will then have a convenient online payment facility without needing a credit card.


I want to start but don't have $47, can I make payments please?

Unfortunately, no. We simply don't have the staffing resources to manage such payments. It would also cause difficulties in tracking payments we need to make in many cases. We recommend setting some money aside to save the purchase price.

If you happen to smoke or consume alcohol or junk food, eliminate those and you will soon have the money saved. You will also improve your health.

Great News! On July 11, 2007 our holding company finalized acquisition of Tribar Press. We now own the publisher. On the same date we reduced the price from $79.95 to a super low and affordable $47.



Questions About Delivery & Format

Do I need to use Windows?

No, any operating system that provides a means of reading PDF files is fine for reading or printing our books. PDF reader software is available for free and is already installed on most personal computers.


Do I have to read it on screen or can I print it out?

You can choose to do either or both. The books can be read on screen or can be printed onto paper. It's your choice. We recommend printing the recipes in Volume 2 that you will actually use.


My preferred page size is A4, can I get it in that size?

Yes, the books actually use the A4 file size. A4 is the most widely adopted size internationally.


What format are the audio files?

Our audio files are MP3 format. This allows them to be a good quality for voice reproduction while keeping their file sizes reasonable, making downloads faster.


Can I listen to the audios on my mp3 player?

Yes, certainly, they are in MP3 format so they are ideal for your mp3 player.


How is the product delivered to me?

The products are delivered by digital download. How long the download takes will depend on the connection you have to the internet. We allow plenty of time so don't worry if you are on a slow connection.


How large are the files I will download after purchase?

There are 4 separate zip (compressed) files to download. Their sizes are 967KB, 2.6MB, 12.6MB and 19MB.


Can I buy your book from my country?

Probably but it does depend on which country you are from. People from any country that can deal with ClickBank can potentially make a purchase.

However, we have been advised to block access to certain countries known to be a source of fraudulent behavior and we are considering that advice. If you are from an English-speaking country you should have no trouble. Feel free to contact us if this causes you any concern and we'll look into any problems it may cause.



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