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About Dr Peter Tylee

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My wife, Dr Jenny Tylee, and I also provide some other websites. They largely focus on health education.


That's me. Yes, I really am a health care professional who actually:

I have decades of professional experience in multiple health disciplines, including nursing, psychology and natural medicine. I was also a senior academic who spent almost 15 years teaching in Australian universities. I have several degrees including PhD.

As editor of The Health Gazette I monitor health news, developments, trends and research globally. I have been repeatedly amazed at the poor level of really useful health restoring and promoting information available, in spite of the massive amounts of health information so widely distributed.

Seeing the still very great need people have for clear, practical guidelines to improving their health and wellbeing I looked hard for something to recommend that would help. I was very disappointed with most of what I found.

The solution was to provide my own. I did ... and now ... yes ...

YOU can dramatically improve your health, increase resistance to illness, eliminate weight problems and regain energy for living by following my easy, powerful and comprehensive new guide called Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide.

About SafeColonCleansing.com

My "Secret"

Someone once asked: "How can you achieve so much, what's your secret?" Other than following my own health advice, my secret is my wife!

Dr Jenny Tylee is not only my inspiration and motivation she also contributed over 300 recipes for this program! That's Jenny above.

Jenny and I each wrote a volume in this powerful health set. That's why it's 'About Us'.

SafeColonCleansing.com exists to promote Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide. The internet is a powerful tool for distributing information and, not being bound to national borders, it allows me to assist people globally.

Although from Australia, where I spend most of my time, I do travel widely and have focussed much of my time and attention in North America over the last several years. My father was from England, my son lives in Europe and my daughter seems to pass through a half-dozen countries every year. I think it's safe to say that my focus truly is global.

The server hosting this domain is in North America. That's where the web page you're viewing comes to you from. If you contact me using the form on the Contact Us page, the marvels of the internet mean that I will receive your message by email, no matter where in the world I happen to be at the time. Delivery of the products, being digital, is fully automated and works every day, at all hours.

Because of the global reach of SafeColonCleansing.com I have placed only a contact form on the Contact Us page. Here are some more contact details.


The best way to get in touch is by email, using the form accessible through here: Contact Us.

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