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Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide
How to Achieve Lasting Health and Vitality
Volumes 1 & 2
ISBN 978-0-9775889-0-9 (set)
211 & 199 pages, Copyright 2006
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From: Dr Peter Tylee

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Now, what seems to be the problem?

Your Health

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you know that most doctors refer to a group of people as "the worried well"? They assume that there is nothing really wrong with them, they just worry about their health too much!

The truth is that only a very small number of those people are really well. Their doctors just don't know how to solve their problems so they dismiss them.

There is hope for you though. How do I know? That's easy, the fact that you're here means you are willing to take responsibility for finding ways to improve your wellbeing. That personal quality will serve you well. It may save your life.

There is usually a long time when vague and niggling symptoms occur. These can be little aches and pains that come and go, occasional sleep disturbance, constipation, windiness and bloating, easily strained muscles, flattened mood or mood swings, minor allergies, and on and on. These do not have to happen, much less be ignored!

These all relate to toxicity. Of course, you may be well past the early stage.

Are you already experiencing signs and symptoms that are bad enough and clear enough that your doctor has diagnosed a disease or condition? Perhaps those things are not so vague and niggling any more.

Have you already progressed to chronic constipation, serious digestive disturbance, arthritis, skin disorders, depression or anxiety disorders? These are just the common progressions, it's not an exhaustive list.

Naturopathic Doctors and many other Health Professionals Agree

Many diseases, including:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease

Actually begin with problems in the colon.

Dr Stan Headley MD, ND

Or perhaps you have waited so long you now have life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease or cancer.

Whatever your problem, even if not directly caused by long term accumulation of toxins throughout your body, you will not heal as effectively without proper cleansing.

Your Time

Are you struggling to find enough time to learn how to effectively manage your health? If you don't invest the time to discover how, you won't know if you are spending your time wisely on your health. You must first learn how, then do.

Simply relying on health services providers, essentially buying their time, is a serious mistake. Some don't care, some make errors, most don't have enough time to deal with cleansing, even if they know how to achieve it.

Maybe time is the one thing that money can't buy. Time is certainly precious. When it's gone, it's gone forever, you can't get it back. Don't let it take your good health with it.

When you're sick, time is of the essence. As time passes, you are either getting better or becoming worse.

The time lag, or latency period, between cause and effect in many disease processes is illusory. It only seems like nothing is changing, but the process is dynamic, not static. Are you getting better or worse right now?

You could spend many years of study trying to learn what you need to know. You will need many years of experience too. It has taken me decades.

You could try other sources of information but they all take time. Even searching the internet means trolling through seemingly endless websites. That leads to another problem.


If you're looking for safe and sound advice on colon cleansing, Dr. Peter Tylee's book is the one to trust. Dr. Tylee is known to be genuinely caring and helpful and has more than 30 years of practise in medicine. His new book 'Safe Colon Cleansing' is a detailed and comprehensive guide that will assist you to regain and maintain a state of good health and vitality for years to come.

Being in the field of health and self-help myself for 20 years now, I have seen much amateurish advice that was useless at best - if not even a real threat and danger to your health. I can't stress enough how important professional advice and safety is when it comes to colon cleansing. Dr. Tylee really cares and has a strong emphasis on safety throughout his book.

I strongly believe with Dr. Tylee's advice every reader will improve his state of health and eliminate many sources of illness. You will regain better health and new energy and passion. I highly recommend this book, which is written by a true professional.


Ralf Michael Skirr, Germany

Your Trust

You know what I mean, don't you?

I've looked around myself. I know for certain that many people who promote colon cleansing are dangerous. Some are probably well-meaning but misguided. Others appear to be simply exploiting people.

One big problem is the number of unqualified people who take it upon themselves to sell you information on the subject. They may sound knowledgeable and experienced, but beware.

You can't even necessarily trust medical and other health professionals. Some are so stuck in their orthodox views that they deny the existence of toxins or the effectiveness of cleansing. The truth is, they are ignorant or scared and often "too busy" to bother opening their minds.

So, what is your real risk?

The real risk is that you will do nothing! That could spell disaster.

Unless you discover the proper way to ensure inner cleansing, and then follow it, you risk failing to become well, worsening your condition and missing out on the best enjoyment of life with robust good health and vitality.

Many people seem resigned to a reality where they will experience declining health, loss of function and increasing dependency. Fortunately, many people are discovering that life does not have to be that way!

If you are not paralyzed into inaction by overwhelming amounts of information and the time and effort to sift through it, you may do more harm than good by following unsound guidelines.

Remember, nothing in health is static. While you delay taking the right action things are getting worse.

Did you know this?

According to the National Institute of Health and the National Digestive Diseases Information Center colon cancer is the Number One CANCER in America in both men and women and the Number Two KILLER in America of men and women, second only to heart disease.


So, to summarize:

These are very real risks indeed. Fortunately, there is a solution, and ...

I have the best solution for you

My Story

You see, I'm extremely fortunate. I am a qualified health professional who spans both orthodox and alternative medicine.

I have spent many years of study, many years of clinical practice and many years of teaching as a health professional in universities. My clinical practice extends from general and specialty areas in major metropolitan hospitals, to community health and primary health care.

I largely practice in natural medicine now, using clinical nutrition, healthy lifestyle education and specific treatments when necessary. I prefer preventative measures but when remedial work must be done, I mostly steer clear of orthodox treatments that only mask symptoms and increase toxicity.

Showing people how to tap into the awesome healing capacity they have within is very satisfying. Much more so than doling out drugs and subjecting people to the risks associated with largely unnecessary procedures.

There are two things that I hold dear that most orthodox doctors seem to have forgotten.

  1. The ethical principles of non-maleficence (do no harm) and beneficence (do positive good)
  2. The wisdom of Hippocrates who said: Let thy food by thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food


Peter, you've provided some truly valuable health information here. Anyone who's truly serious about improving their health shouldn't hesitate to read your guide.

I have to say your book really did make me think about my health (something I never really thought about at all before - I figured I'd wait until I got old to worry about stuff like that).

I'll be completely honest, I haven't implemented all of your advice. In fact, I've only made a few tiny changes as recommended in your guide. And I was very surprised that even my half-hearted efforts have been rewarded.


Liz Barton, Sugarhouse, UT, USA

Now, if I may, let me be personal. When I was growing up my parents took me to both medical doctors and naturopathic doctors. I have a long memory of the differences between their approaches. Though I moved into orthodoxy and largely forgot about natural medicine for many years, I eventually returned by choice and necessity.

You see, regular, or orthodox, medicine just can't do what it claims most of the time. It is big on promise and short on delivery, except for a few specialized areas where it can be wonderful. A lot of harm is done in the name of "good medicine".

I discovered that I have a bowel condition for which orthodox medicine claims there is no treatment. Since the belief is that there is no treatment, the condition is given little or no attention and doctors regularly fail to diagnose the condition.

Had I not known of an alternative way to health, I would have experienced declining function, increasing problems, discomfort and distress and likely an early death. That's why I say I'm "extremely" fortunate. I learned more and successfully treated myself, returning to excellent health and wellbeing.

In the process I converted my practice to natural medicine and developed my unique insights into colon cleansing. That's right, even though the words may sound the same, my approach is definitely unique. It is important to know what to do and what to avoid and what colon cleansing is really all about.


Overall impression is that it is obviously excellent and of all the literature I have read on this subject in all honesty this has to be the one that makes most sense to me and the one I would feel most comfortable in applying.

It gives great simple education on the very things needed to know to understand the whole process and why it is done this way

Overall it is great for giving people enough (and the best) knowledge and empowering them to do it themselves correctly and not just "hooking" into some kit.


Bart Jarvis, Newcastle, Australia
Qualified Medical Assistant

Your Story

You may have already been all over the net looking for help, browsing through self-help forums, hearing about all kinds of strange treatments with conflicting experiences, advice and recommendations. Frankly, some sound quite gruesome, rather like torture!

Perhaps you have also been to your doctor a number of times or to several doctors, yet no one has really heard you or been able to help. Maybe they even told you there was nothing wrong with you or they just didn't seem to take you too seriously.

Perhaps you have tried assorted home remedies or medicines from the drug store without lasting benefits, or worse, with unwanted side effects. Maybe you have wasted money on books and kits that have failed to deliver lasting benefits.

It doesn't feel too good does it?

Maybe you just want some extra energy to be able to play with your kids instead of missing out on really being a part of their growing up. This can easily happen if you constantly feel too tired or exhausted. It can impact on other relationships too.

Perhaps you are already experiencing one of many symptoms that you don't want, like sleep disturbance, mild depression, aches and pains, weight gain or many others. Perhaps you are already being treated for some major disease and you know that you could feel much better if you could safely perform an inner cleanse.

Whatever your story happens to be, do you want to experience really good health and vitality? Do you want to be someone who has abundant energy for getting on with living, who doesn't get sick all the time?

Do you want an easy to understand and follow step-by-step guide to colon cleansing with wholesome recipes you can prepare at home to build your health with confidence? Well you can have all this and a lot more with...

Colon Cleansing for Health

Proper colon cleansing is a way of cleaning the toxins out of your whole body and ensuring effective cellular nutrition for healing. It's far, far more than just overcoming constipation. And, what's more, depending on your needs, it usually does not have to involve fasting, enemas or expensive purgatives or trips to a clinic.

You probably already know the benefits of a proper colon cleanse. But here is a short list of:

Some of the Health Benefits of Proper Colon Cleansing:

And many more! Why? Because proper colon cleansing detoxifies the whole body and improves nutrition to every cell. This greatly supports and empowers healing and the release of energy.

This means proper colon cleansing is quite foundational to good function in every part of your body. No wonder you'll feel so good!

The fact is, even much of what people think of as aging is just the result of a steady build up of toxins. Removing them can give you a new lease on life, a real rejuvenation. But ...

Safe Colon Cleansing Volume 1

You must do it properly.

You need to know how to do a proper cleanse. There are potential problems associated with cleansing if you don't know how to do it safely. Cleansing can certainly be very safe but for some people cleansing can be dangerous or unsuccessful if they don't know how to proceed. Many people recommend and use the wrong way!

To solve this safety problem and to make colon cleansing easy and effective for your individual circumstances and goals I wrote Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide Volume 1.

Safe Colon Cleansing Volume 2

Many years of helping people has taught me that even explicitly listing foods that should be avoided and foods that should be eaten is not always enough. To make life simpler people need actual recipes to follow.

So my wife, Dr jenny Tylee, wrote a special recipe book containing over 300 health producing recipes.

This is such an empowering addition it became Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide Volume 2. Together, volumes 1 and 2 comprise a powerful set of tools for helping you understand your own situation, and to clarify, set and achieve real health goals.

Be warned though, at over 400 pages this is a whole program for helping you deal with your health needs. It is not a flimsy 30 page "secret quick fix" nor is it a 1,000 page tome full of irrelevant padding.


Volume 2 ... is chock full of an extensive list of toxin cleansing, healthy recipes. I couldn't even begin to count the number and diversity of the recipes in this volume. Again, there is also a plan guide to help in creating a healthy diet and eating lifestyle. These two volumes sure have me looking at food commercials in a different way now!


Dave Gieber, Ogden, UT, USA
Retired Aerospace Engineer

This set is the real thing. Remember, you said above that you are serious about improving your health and that you wanted some help.

This is the help.

Your three areas of need are all covered. The set provides:

This means you can make the most of all the ...

Benefits for You

With Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide you will experience more benefits than I can possibly list here. They will include discovering:

So with Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide you will really know what you're doing. You will know how to choose the right way to cleanse for you, not just some mythical average person. You will minimize your costs and discomfort and maximize the effectiveness of your cleanse.

And there are further benefits just in the things you can happily avoid.

Some sites on the internet that promote colon cleansing do have some very useful information. However, the problems I noticed with various sites included such things as:

Outstanding value


Colon Cleansing, hmm, now this can be a sensitive subject. But it is an important topic and we need to be addressing this in a more serious manner for each of us. Dr. Tylee's book, "Safe Colon Cleansing, Your Good Health Guide" really opened my eyes. I now have a lot stronger educated view on why I have been feeling so crappy (sorry for the low class word, but this best explains it) for the last several years.

His book (both volumes) is very well written. Almost like a textbook, but much easier to understand. The chapter on how the entire digestive system works was very enlightening. I have a much better understanding of what goes on every day inside my intestinal track that I was previously unaware of. It really opened my eyes to what I do every day that adds to my unhealthy lifestyle.

Not only did I discover how I have been poisoning myself through my western style diet, but also the toxins I expose myself to every day around my home and environment. Not only does Dr. Tylee educate about the many harmful toxins we expose ourselves to every day, he gives an extensive plan as to how we can cleanse our way back to health.


Dave Gieber, Ogden, UT, USA
Retired Aerospace Engineer

As a committed and caring health professional who is both experienced clinician and educator, I want everyone to have this information. But many years of experience has proven that the worst thing I could do would be to just give it away.

I know for a fact that free information is far less effective. People just don't value it. But how does one determine value here?

I want you to have all the amazing health benefits. So I want you to take action. My research shows that if you invest in yourself by obtaining Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide you will be in the best position to achieve your health goals.

So I asked my publisher: what should I charge for this special guide to a healthier and happier life? Its true value to you will always be far higher than it will cost.

To cut a long story short, we agreed to set the investment at an affordable, amazing value of just $79.95 and let you have this vital health information by immediate download.

But I was unhappy to be in this position and now things have changed. After many months of delays my own holding company has fully taken over Tribar Press. My first act to celebrate conclusion of this acquisition on July 11, 2007 was to reduce the price from $79.95 to just $47.00 for the 2 volume set.

Believe me, this is extraordinary value. What price would you place on feeling great? How much will you save in doctor's bills and medicine costs? It could easily be thousands of dollars.

And with Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide you will save more dollars by achieving efficiency in your cleansing and by not paying for more than you need in achieving your health goals.

I must tell you that I have no plans to increase the price but I do urge you not to delay your purchase because every day you remain toxic you suffer various health problems and increase your risk of developing serious disease, perhaps even leaving it too late. This is not intended to frighten you but to give prudent advice, so I can sleep at night.

A Special Package

I know that people sometimes need some encouragement to invest in themselves. So I am going to offer you an irresistible package. This bonus product is available separately at and represents true added value.

Because I really want you to enjoy life with energy and happiness, free from the many health complaints that rob your pleasure and achievement, I want you to also have the bonus with my compliments when you buy Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide today. Please note that this is available right now but may be removed or replaced at any time.

Guided Creative Visualization Session Audio

$29.95 Value

Guided Creative Visualization for Inner Cleansing

In this audio presentation I personally take you on a wonderful journey within and:

  • help speed your cleansing by harnessing the amazing power you have within
  • create an opportunity for more holistic cleansing and healing support
  • lead you through stilling and calming your mind and into deep relaxation for beneficial restoration

I don't just think Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide explains how to achieve maximum health through cleansing, I Know it Does. And I know it will guide you to achieving wonderful improvements in your health, just like it has for so many others.

Your decision is wise, safe & guaranteed


Although I thought I could see the value in your books, I admit that when I purchased I was reassured by the guarantee. In Australian dollars it cost me just on $95 and I thought, oh well, at least I don't have to pay expensive shipping.

It's amazing, because I can already say it has been worth ten times the price. I just can't imagine raising a family without having this guide.

I'll be sending my friends and family to your web site!


Christine Berude, Albury, Australia
School Teacher & Mum

Just so you don't have anything to worry about in making your purchase I offer you my guarantee of satisfaction. Yes, that's my performance standard - Your Satisfaction.

You have more than the usual 30 days, you have 56 days (a full 8 weeks) guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide for any reason your purchase will be 100% refunded.

Because I believe I am helping sensible people, not only will I refund your purchase price, you will be able to keep the complimentary bonus. I love to remove risk, so there is no way you can lose by making this purchase, you are going to gain a great deal.

Here right now is your opportunity to really discover the secrets to vibrant, lasting energy and real health.

You'll discover:

Together with your FREE bonus valued at $29.95 for a total value of $76.95

Invest in your health now

This amazing value for only $47.00

There's no need to wait any longer to discover your own path to health and greater happiness. Don't keep taking unnecessary health risks. Secure your copy of this life changing health guide and obtain maximum benefits, including your complimentary bonus.

Click the following buy button now to order safely in our secure system, protected by my 8 weeks guarantee.



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I look forward to helping you meet your health goals.

With my very best wishes for your health!


Peter J Tylee Signature

Dr Peter J. Tylee
Safe Colon Cleansing
Your Good Health Guide
Volume 1


Remember, you really can dramatically improve your health, increase resistance to illness, eliminate weight problems and regain energy for living.

Take control of your wellbeing now and empower yourself for enjoyment of life. Discover real health through proper colon cleansing, a safe and effective way to achieve inner cleansing for lasting benefits.

Act now and also receive your FREE bonus providing a total dollar value of $76.95 and a health empowerment value that's priceless!

Discover Your Path To Lasting Health
An outstanding health resource!Amazing value in this set!
A free visualization session you can repeat! 2 Volume Set
PLUS Bonus
~ Value Plus! ~


Dr. Peter Tylee has written a wonderful health-care guide that helps you to activate your body's natural healing system, so that you can heal almost any health problem you might have at its root-source.

I highly recommend this program, and I'm confident the knowledge you'll gain from it will prove extremely valuable for your health and well-being, for the rest of your life.


Julia Nestler, Sweden
Self-improvement teacher, Self-esteem therapist, Author and former Medicine and Healthcare practitioner

Reclaim your health now

This amazing value for only $47.00

Take positive action now to discover your own path to health and greater happiness. Don't keep taking unnecessary health risks. Secure your copy of this life changing health guide and obtain maximum benefits.

Spare yourself the expense of bad foods, avoidable consultations, unnecessary drugs and misguided advice. Avoid the risk of doing nothing.

Your order is quite safe in our secure system and you have my 56 days (full 8 weeks) 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

I look forward to helping you meet your health goals.

Click the following buy button now to start your journey to health.



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Thank you

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